was established because of a desire to provide valuable information and safe high quality products to support others in naturally improving their lives.  We are increasingly becoming aware of health and environmental concerns.  Natural Care wants to provide easily usable information on health and environmental concerns affecting our lives.  All people react differently to products, but our products have been chosen because of their natural ingredients and lack of common irritants.  We also want to help you on your journey to caring for your Mind, Body, and Spirit the Natural Care Way by providing valuable information through the guidance of a certified L.E.A.N. wellness coach. 


Our Products:

Our brands have natural ingredients and lack common irritants.  They are free of parabens, synthetic oils, fragrances, artificial color, and other chemicals. 



Wellness Consultations:

We can develop customized wellness plans focused on the mind, body, and spirit based on our Natural Care Wellness pyramid and L.E.A.N. philosophy.


What We Offer

 Our Company

Our Pledge

We here at Natural Care Way pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

Our Mission

At Natural Care Way, our mission is simple: to provide information and products that rejuvenate the mind, refresh the body, and relax the spirit.